Tableau Familial
Tableau Familial
Tableau Familial

Tableau Familial


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A must-have for every family !

Introducing the all-new Family Chart from Pomango! With its child-friendly visual cues and streamlined concepts, this tool makes it easy to integrate new routines and tasks into daily life. With its 52 pages (one page per week), the tool will accompany families all year round, helping them to simplify their daily lives!

Positive reinforcement system

For each task or routine completed during the week, the child can either color, cross out or place a sticker (not supplied) on the icon associated with the day. This system of positive reinforcement will motivate all family members (even parents!) and gradually foster children's independence. 

Suggestion : If all the tasks or routines are completed by the end of the week, you can plan a reward for your children to congratulate them on all their efforts during the week. And the reward can go far beyond candy or money-why not take the opportunity to do something special! Because fun and memories are the best gifts we can give our kids! 

Characteristics :

  • 52 detachable pages ;
  • Monday to Sunday weekly
  • 15" x 9.5" (38 cm x 22.8 cm)
  • 4 playful visuals
  • Illustrations and graphic design: Mylène Purcell
  • Designed and printed in Quebec


Pomango is a Sherbrooke-based company that promotes family well-being, healthy relationships and balanced family life. Constantly evolving, Pomango offers products and tools for parents to help their children gain and develop autonomy and skills.

All products are rooted in the company's values: Fun, Family, Creativity, Passion and Balance.