CPM Distribution

A Sherbrooke family business since 1983

Who are we?

CPM Distribution is the exclusive distributor of Pomango products. A Quebec family business, based in Sherbrooke, which creates and distributes games, toys and educational books for children, as well as organizational tools for parents and families. Our goal is to offer useful and quality products that will please your customers!

Our mission

Our ​mission ​is​ to brighten ​the​ lives​ of​ families​ and​ to​​ simplify​ their​ daily life​ by ​offering​ products​ that promote:​ pleasure, learning and family well-being. ☀️

CPM Distribution as of now

Today we are a passionate team that works hard every day to offer you not only quality products, but also unparalleled customer service.

Because we believe it's important to demonstrate who we are, and because you would no doubt like to know who contributes to the success of CPM Distribution, we have decided to highlight the humans behind your favorite products.


Charles Plourde

Charles is the president and founder of Pomango. As a business manager (and a good father), Charles is always there to make sure everything runs smoothly! All his hard work revolves around his mission: to make a difference in the daily lives of Quebec families!

Fun fact: His key phrase: “Pipi, caca, pet”. Translation: Let's keep it simple! 😆


Anne-Élisabeth Plourde

Following her studies in psychoeducation, Anne-Élisabeth joined the family business in 2013. With her big heart and unwavering team spirit, Anne-Élisabeth is always the first to roll up her sleeves to ensure that the products see the light of day and end up on store shelves (and ultimately in the hands of customers).

Fun fact: She is also the first to (literally) put her hands in the ground to cultivate our vegetable garden at the office. 🥕


Manon Hubert

The team has certainly unearthed a small nugget of gold with Manon! With more than 20 years of experience in sales in the hospitality industry, it was with us that she decided to take the plunge into retail! A woman of heart with boundless energy, Manon accompanies each B2B client in a unique and human way.

Fun fact: Don't be surprised if you walk into her office and she has a clown's nose! It's her touch of madness she says! 🤡


Aurélie Plourde

Aurélie occupational therapy experience. She worked in the field for a few years before joining her sister and the rest of the team in 2019. Through her expertise and leadership, she pushes Pomango to reach its full potential in e-commerce and ensures that the brand radiates.

Fun fact: There is not a dinner without a new anecdote from him. She always has new stories to tell. 📖


Joanie Lacoursière

Joanie has worked for several years as an early childhood educator in CPE/family settings. It was a real crush between her and Pomango: her love for the field of childhood and her desire to take on new challenges made her the perfect person for our position as administrative assistant. Passion and motivation are at the heart of all his daily actions.

Fun fact: She's a big open book. It is not uncommon to have his "declarations of love" as a colleague. ❤️


Marjorie Dubois

Certainly the most sparkling element of the Pomango team! Her taste for the "beautiful", her great sensitivity for others and her attention to detail make her our communication and marketing expert. Marjorie is the one who puts the words and images on Pomango. Every ad, every post, every newsletter, every emoji: Marjo's special touch is everywhere!

Fun fact: A day without coffee for Marjo… It simply does not exist! ☕️🤎


Anne-Josée Ferland

The woman who aligns our numbers as she often realigns us on the right path! It is under her beautiful red hair that allies rigor, efficiency and a sense of humor to make our accounting almost child's play (it is the case to say it at Pomango 😉). There's some "drive" behind this little piece of woman!

Fun fact: A woman of many talents, Anne-Josée does renovations in her spare time! We can say that she “hits on the nail” as long as it is not straight. 🤓


CPM Distribution is a small internal team, but a large extended family. It is thanks to several golden partners that we continue to evolve and excel in our field. Their daily involvement and collaboration are essential to the success of CPM Distribution.

Kolinéo (3PL service), Isabelle Charbonneau (illustrator), Laguna Solution (web development), Gabriel McMahon Consultation (marketing strategy), Catherine Charbonneau (graphic designer) are among those who work with us on a daily basis.

CPM Dsitribution, A BIG FAMILY

And you are part of it too! Thank you for trusting us all this time, we appreciate it. And if you are new and want to know more about our products, we invite you to fill out this form. Manon, our sales manager, will be happy to communicate with you! 🧡

The CPM Distribution team