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Put words on what you feel!

Here is the diary that will guide you to welcome, name, understand and express your emotions gently.

Behind every emotion hides an unmet need, an exceeded limit, a flouted value or a deep fear. Emotion is information. If you listen to it, you can then choose again and nourish what makes you feel good, then clean up what no longer vibrates with you.

In this 90-day experiment, you will discover that emotions are valuable information! They tell you when a need is not met, when a value is violated, when a limit is exceeded. The more you connect to your emotions, the more you develop your intuition! You will also realize that your emotions are not enemies, but accomplices of your well-being!

Welcoming your emotions instead of managing them allows you to give way to all the nuances of unique and subtle sensations that you can feel. Instead of holding them back and containing them, we give them space, we give them space to teach us and share their messages with us.

🔑 What to expect :

  • I will teach you step by step to reconnect to your inner world. I will explain the different triggers that hide behind your emotions so that you can finally understand their messages and take conscious action to change the situation.
  • You will have at your disposal a list of 150 emotions so that you can put words to what you feel as accurately as possible.
  • I will guide you every day for 90 days to answer four simple questions that will allow you to develop a new look at yourself, a benevolent look, and awareness of your emotional states to finally make peace with your inner world.

Goals :

For 90 days, you will be invited to make a daily assessment of these aspects: How do I feel? What need has not been met? What positive or negative behavior did I observe? What possible solution could I put in place to find more peace in each situation?

This tool aims to accompany you on the path to inner peace so that you discover yourself under a new look filled with sweetness. You will learn to welcome your emotions instead of managing them, to discover the power of vulnerability and to give yourself permission to be human.

At your own pace, without performance pressure, you will discover the beauty that hides in all the nuances of who you are and you will learn that your emotions are not enemies, but accomplices of your well-being!

Strong points :

  • List of 150 emotions
  • Introspection exercises to understand your survival mechanisms, your behaviors and reactions to everyday situations
  • List of needs
  • List of behaviors
  • List of values
  • List of limits
  • List of fears
  • Evaluation of your daily energy
  • Space to define and name your intentions in this process
  • Tools to express your emotions (non-violent communication)
  • Daily report + free writing space
  • Monthly review and creative space

Characteristics :

  • Spiral paper journal
  • Without date, you start when you want!
  • 6.5 x 9 inches
  • Lengh : 90 days
  • 200 pages
  • Laminated cover
  • Printed in Quebec
  • Full color print inside

Vicky Girouard 

Science, spirituality and nature at the service of your evolution.

“Through my own pursuit of happiness, I realized that I had put a lot of cream on my wounds, that I was wearing a Madame Positive mask and that I was running away from my dark sides. Why this denial? Because I wanted to be happy at all costs. In fact, I drifted away from it a little more each time.

I decided to take my courage in both hands to welcome my emotions, meet my vulnerability, give myself permission to be human and finally leave this endless quest for happiness to answer the call of peace. !

Today, I walk alongside those who have also received the call and who need an accomplice to move forward one step at a time.“