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An Advent Book of Good Deeds

The Pomango's «livre de l'Avent» book is a perfect tool to instill in our little ones the desire to do good deeds at all times. These generous acts, which we take without expecting anything in return, provide happiness to everyone (including oneself!). This Advent book wants to create a new Christmas tradition that aims above all to spend quality time with family during the holiday season through gestures of kindness, kindness and generosity. Each day, four good actions of a humanistic nature are offered, to be chosen according to the age of your children. For example, some of the activities that are highlighted may simply be to give a hug, offer a card, participate in the creation of a meal, make a donation to a food bank or another organization such as the Guignolée, etc.

A creative way to count down to Christmas

Instead of offering your little ones a chocolate every day, why not celebrate the coming of the holiday season by doing good deeds that will mark them positively An Advent calendar to display as well as 24 repositionable tights are included with the book. Every day, meet a character, do one of their good deeds and apply their sticker to the calendar with your coconuts. The activities are presented in a fun way, using stories and magical characters who highlight themes in a fun way, without heaviness or didacticism. They aim to teach our children the importance of pay attention to others and think only of yourself. They transmit to them also the desire to be respectful of the environment.

The characters of Choco le elf, Will the rabbit or Rosa the elf, without forgetting Santa Claus, will give the example by their adventures imbued with magic. Each of the characters in the book is part of a big family that has a specific quality. There is has love merchants, gourmet cooks, lovers of reading, generous artists and lovers of nature.

Note that the Pomango reusable felt Advent calendar is an ideal complementary product for the Advent book. Like the repositionable stickers on the paper Advent calendar, each ornament to stick on the felt Advent calendar embodies one of the characters in the book.

Included :

  • Advent book
  • Advent calendar to hang
  • 24 repositionable stickers

Characteristics :

  • Illustrations: Sandra Bean
  • Book dimensions: L: 9.5 x W: 8 inches
  • Poster Dimensions: 22 '' x 33 ''
  • Sticker dimensions: 2 '' x 2 ''
  • Intended for children between 3 and 8 years old
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Hard cover


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