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Slow down to move forward. Finding your rhythm, honoring your cycle.

The agenda Ralentir offers a philosophy inspired by nature, guided by spirituality and supported by science. This concept is intended as a benevolent way to turn around this madness of always more, rising anxiety and the endless quest for success. We propose to slow down, to harmonize with our own rhythm, to put performance aside to make room for simplicity.

An agenda that will help you achieve your wildest dreams while gently reminding you to take care of your balance. The agenda Ralentir will allow ambitious and passionate women to set up an action plan in line with their pace in order to have the energy necessary to move forward with the projects that make them vibrate.

Peaceful planning is a way to approach time management, organizing responsibilities, and achieving goals with more gentleness, intuition, and joy.

The agenda ralentir is the balance between:

  • Action and letting go
  • Simplicity and rigor
  • Creativity and structure

Includes :

  • Several inspiring mandalas
  • Peaceful project planning tool
  • Task and priority management
  • Monthly goals
  • Beautiful space for notes
  • Exercises to find your rhythm, understand your cycle
  • Budget
  • To do list
  • A positive quote every week


  • 12 months : January 2024 to December 2024
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • A week on two pages
  • Daily schedule from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Spiral binding


Science, spirituality and nature at the service of your evolution.

“Through my own pursuit of happiness, I realized that I had put a lot of cream on my wounds, that I was wearing a Madame Positive mask and that I was running away from my dark sides. Why this denial? Because I wanted to be happy at all costs. In fact, I drifted away from it a little more each time.

I decided to take my courage in both hands to welcome my emotions, meet my vulnerability, give myself permission to be human and finally leave this endless quest for happiness to answer the call of peace. !

Today, I walk alongside those who have also received the call and who need an accomplice to move forward one step at a time.