Set of 3 games - magnétibook english

Set of 3 games - magnétibook english


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Versatile educational games for children

Thanks to the Magnetibooks, these little book-shaped suitcases that contain a multitude of magnetic elements to play with, children from 3 years old can learn the alphabet, create funny characters and incredible vehicles - the possibilities are endless!

Magnetibooks are perfect for long car journeys or long waits. This game is easy to transport and can be taken everywhere, it's practical!

Includes :

Characteristics :

  • Brand : Pomango
  • Recommended age : 3 ans et plus
  • Dimensions : 10 x 8 x 4 in
  • Care : Wet wipe


Pomango is a Sherbrooke company whose mission is to brighten the lives of families and simplify their daily lives. Both producer and distributor, Pomango offers products that promote the pleasure of the whole family, the learning of children and the well-being of parents.

All products and actions taken by Pomango are based on the following values: Pleasure, Family, Creativity, Passion and Balance.

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